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We are extremely confident in the quality and longevity of our boats, therefore we warranty your boat to be free of material and manufacturing defects for the duration described:

Your RIB is covered by a five (5) year hull structural integrity warranty, a three (3) year tube internal intergrity warranty and a one (1) year fixtures, cohesion and paint warranty. The warranty begins on the date the product is purchased by you (date on the Bill of Sale).

For RIBs sold into, or used in a commercial environment, the warranty is reduced to one (1) year on all aspects of the RIB. This could include use for, or in military, professional operations, club boats, vessels hire, safety boats and for training.

If you buy an aquaspirit second hand without re-registering the warranty then the warranty is only 1 year from new. ie when the first owner purchased it.

Terms of Warranty

Warranty is only valid when a Aquaspirit RIB is purchased either from Aquaspirit UK or one of our authroised dealers.


A level of owner maintenance is required to maintain the warranty which is outlined in the Owner’s Manual. If this maintenance is not performed, Aquaspirit have the right to refuse warranty cover should it be evidenced that the lack of maintenance has contributed towards the warranty claim.

Hull Paint

Aluminium has many advantages as a boatbuilding material, however the powder coated hulls do need to be treated carefully. Powder coating finishes can last up to 20 years, but due to the consistent use, exposure to UV light, saltwater and outdoor environment, it may break down faster. The paint comes with a one (1) warranty.

For longer term protection, rinse surfaces with fresh water after every use and remove substances that may cause discoloration or damage. Scratches and dents should be repaired as soon as possible. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by general use or wear and tear (for example ropes around cleats).

Voided Warranty

All claims will be rejected if they have been caused by:

The warranty does not cover:

  • Wear and tear from regular use or storage

  • Punctures to the tubes

  • Discoloration of the hull, tubes or paint

  • Oxidation of the paint

The RIB must only be used with the correct PSI pressure added to the tubes and an outboard within the maximum HP as listed on the CE/UKCA plate. Failure to do so could void the warranty.

Aquaspirit RIBs will honour the warranty by either repairing the defective part, replacing the part or refunding the purchase price of the product. The repair or replacement of parts does not extend the life of the original warranty.

Aquaspirit RIBs will need reasonable opportunity and time to assess and repair the warranty claim. Customers are responsible for returning the RIB to the place of purchase so that the warranty repair can be undertaken. In instances where the warranty part can be shipped, this will be completed at Aquaspirit RIBs cost (for UK claims).

Warranty Claims & Transfer

The limited warranty is transferable but only for the remainder of the unused warranty. 

The new owner must register their ownership to maintain the warranty by sending an email to the place of purchase with the following information

  • Hull number of the craft

  • Name, address, and email address

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