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Working towards a Carbon Neutral future.

One step at a time we can help work towards a cleaner environment, and ocean.

Aluminium Hulls & Consoles

Each hull is built from responsibly sourced aluminium. Aluminium is an inert element with no environmental degradation impact such as leaching of plastics and harmful resins into the natural environment like the more common boat building material of GRP/fibreglass can produce.

Stronger and lighter than GRP, aluminium hulls are more efficient and therefore engines are working less hard resulting in reduced carbon per kg than any other boat or conventional RIBs on the market. In short, due to the lighter construction, you need less HP and therefore use less fuel compared to the same sized GRP RIB.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-23 at 12.46.55 PM.jpeg

Electric Powered

The marine industry has been slow in switching to electric, this is for a number of reason, the main one is finding a solution to provide the range required.


Thanks to the AquaSpirit's lighter construction, and the advancement in lithium battery technology, we can now offer you a fully electric 350 and 450 model without  compromising on performance. 

Built in Europe

Not only do we take great pride in supporting this amazing Ukrainian brand, and it's many workers, but it is also 'greener' to import RIBs from a European country rather than from the Far East, where many of our competitor's RIBs are manufactured.

Love Ukraine
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