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European built RIBs with an environmental edge

Unique Design - Aluminium Hulls - Eco Friendly

Aquaspirit  have been manufacturing ribs for many years and in more recent times developed RIBs for the leisure sector.

What is all the fuss about? Well, with their unique development of aluminium hulls and it’s implementation in Rigid Inflatable Boat design and manufacture, they have developed a product that is more affordable, easier to use, seats more people and creates more room per meter than any other RIB manufacturer in the market......and it looks great!

All AQS boats are built from aluminium 5083 which is known for exceptional performance in extreme environments. 5083 is highly resistant to attack by both seawater and industrial chemical environments. Alloy 5083 also retains exceptional strength after welding.

With our engine partners, Suzuki, we are able to offer a much leaner burn option than other GRP Fiberglass boat manufacturers and because our hulls are lighter, the engine reaches it's lean burn mode more quickly compared to other brands. With this superior fuel economy and an end of life recyclable hull, our boats:

DON'T leach plastic into the ocean

DON'T end up in land fill

thus reducing our carbon foot print significantly.

Aquaspirit Spirit Pro 585
Aquaspirit Spirit Pro 585 Custom
Aquaspirit Spirit Pro 520


Hand welded seams by precision engineers with years of experience. More attuned to manufacture of military craft it is clear to see the durability in the hull construction. Reliability and design is always at the forefront of every Aquaspirit Rib.


You can have any type of outboard engine fitted to the back of your AquaSpirit. Here we supply Suzuki outboards as our preferred engine. With the Most recent drive by wire technology and the newest economical lean burn generation of engines you can be assured of excellent power with minimum possible emissions.

Green Credentials

Environmentally Conscientious ; Each hull is built from conscientiously sourced  aluminium which is an inert element giving no environmental degradation or leaching of plastics and harmful resins into the natural environment unlike  the prefered boat building material GRP/fibreglass.

Stronger and lighter than GRP aluminium hulls make engines automatically more efficient  producing less carbon per kg than any other boat or conventional ribs on the market.

Electric Power

Join the electric revolution by opting for an electric outboard you can be carbon free. Opt for our green Solar or wind charging package and you can be 100% point of source carbon free.

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